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Voodoo and ancient Philippine spirituality

The mere mention of voodoo conjures up visions of dark arts, pins in dolls, horrific spirits and savage sacrifices. I never ever thought that through voodoo I would be given an incredible insight into the mysterious world of my Filipino … Continue reading

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Split bamboo: dance of the perfect man and woman

The familiar story of the Tagalog creation story “Si Malakas at si Maganda” (The strong one, and the beautiful one); the first man and first woman emerging from the equal halves of a single piece of bamboo, is well known … Continue reading

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Rising from the sea: origin of land and people

According to the cosmology of the Itneg (Tinguian) of Abra, in the beginning there was only the sky and the sea. One day a kite (Haliastur indus intermedius)¬†grew tired of flying but had no place to alight and rest, so … Continue reading

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